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Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value Rs. 5 Million / 50 Lakh
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 64516270
Closing Date 07 - Oct - 2023  |  5 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Iron Sucrose Injection (100 Mg Usp) Sodium Chloride Injection (100 Ml) (q3)
Qty : 25393

Sector Animal and Animal Feeds Tenders Tender Value 20 Million / 2 Crore
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 63939666
Closing Date 06 - Oct - 2023  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Veterinary Biologicals (vaccines) for the Year 2023-2024 and Rate Contract for Two Years
Sector Animal and Animal Feeds Tenders Tender Value 5 Million / 50 Lakh
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 63939669
Closing Date 06 - Oct - 2023  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of Veterinary Medicines (herbal and General) for the Year 2023-2024 (rate Contract for Two Years)
Sector Health Services/Equipments Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Tripura Tenders Ref.No 63857914
Closing Date 03 - Oct - 2023  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of of Medicines, Inj. Adenosine , Inj. Adrenline, Inj. 20% Albumin, Inj. Anawin (Heavy), Inj. Atracurium, Inj. Aminoderone , Inj. Aminophyllin , Inj.Anti D Immunoglobin, Inj. Atropine sulphate , Inj. Betamethosone, Inj.Bupivacaine, Inj. Carboprost, Inj. Capnea 20mg., Inj. Calcium Gluconate, Inj. Cefotaxime -125mg, Inj. Cefotaxime -250mg, Inj. Cefotaxime -500mg, Inj. Ceftriaxone -1gm, Inj. Ceftriaxone -500 mg, Inj. Citicoline , Inj. Ceftriazone + salbactum 1.5 gm, Inj. Cisatracurium, Inj. Diclofenac Aqua(1ml), Inj. Diazepam, Inj. Dopamine, Inj. Dobutamine -50mg , Inj. Drotaverine, Inj. Dexamethesone, Inj. Enoxaparin-60mg, Inj. Enoxaparin-40mg, Inj. Eption, Inj. Etophyline + Theophyline, Inj. Ephidrin, Inj. Frusemide 2ml, Inj. Gentamycin, Inj. Glycopyrrolate, Inj. Haloperidol , Inj. Heparine , Inj. Hydrocortisone, Inj. Insulin 30/70, Inj. Iron sucrose, Inj. Labetalol , Inj. L-Orinthin, L-Aspartate, Inj. Levetiracetam, Inj. Levofloxacin, Inj. Lignocaine + Adrinaline , Inj. Lignocaine 4%, Inj. Lorazepam , Inj. Loxicard, Inj. Lovobupivacine, Inj. Methadone , Inj. Methyl Prednisolone 500 mg, Inj. Methylprednisolone 1g, Inj. Methylergmetrine, Inj. Menadione (Vitamin-K3), Inj. Midazolam , Inj. Magnesium Sulphate, Inj. Meropenem-500 mg, Inj. Meropenem-125 mg, Inj. Methyl cobalamin, Inj. Myo-Pyrolate, Inj. Mannitol 20%, Inj. Neurobion forte , Inj. Neostigmine (1ml), Inj. Nor adrenaline , Inj. Nandrolone 50/25, Inj. Nulbupin, Inj. Netlimycin, Inj. Nitroglycerin , Inj. Octreotide , Inj. Ofloxacin 100 ml, Inj. Oxitocin-, Inj. Ondansetron 2 ml, Inj. Pantoprazole 40, Inj. Paracetamol 1%(Infusion), Inj. Potassium chloride (Kcl), Inj. Phenytoin , Inj. Phenobarbitone , Inj. Promethazine HCL -, Inj. Pipercillin + Tazobactum 4.5 gm, Inj. Pipercillin + Tazobactum 2.5 gm, Inj. Pipercillin + Tazobactum 1.125 gm, Inj. Pheneramine Meleate, Inj. Risperidone 3ml, Inj. Rocuronium, Inj. Ropivacaine (0.5%), Inj. Ropivacaine (0.75%), Inj. Sodium bi carbonate , Inj. Sodium Chloride 0.9%, Inj. Tramadol , Inj. Tranexamic acid, Inj. Thiamine , Drop Paracetamol , Drop Vit-D 400 IU, Drop Multivitamin, Drop Capnea, Drop. Moxifloxacin , Dicyclomine Hydrochloride & Simethicone Oral Drop, Suyr. Multivitamin , Syrp. Asthalin, Syrp.Vit.D3, Syrp. Dicyclomine, Syrp. PCM 250 mg, Syrup. Levetiracetam, Syrup. Amoxyclav, Syrup.Omnacortil, Syrup. Zinc, Syrup. Azithromycin 200mg, Syrup. Cefixime 100mg, Syrup. Cough expectorant , Syrup. Montelukast + Levocitrizine , Syrup. Iron , Syrup. Phenobarbitone , Oint. Mupirocin , Oint. Povidine iodine, Asthalin Repulse , Budesonide Repulse , Dulin Repulse, Lignocain gelly 2% , Tab. Amoxycillin + Clavulanic -625mg., Tab. Acetazolamide 250 mg, Tab. Atorvastatin 20 mg, Tab. Atorvastatin 40 mg, Tab. Acitram , Tab. Aspirin 75 mg, Tab. Tramadol + paracetamol, Tab. Ursodeoxycholic 300 mg, Tab. Aceclofenac+ paracetamol + serratopeptidase , Tab. Clopidegrel 300mg, Tab. Cefuroxime 500 mg, Tab. Carvedilol 3.125 mg, Tab. Deflazacort 6 mg, Tab.Domperidone-10mg., Tab. Diazepum, Tab.Dicyclomine, Tab. Pregabalin+ Nortyphlline, Tab.Paracetamol -500mg. , Cap. Amoxycilin 500mg., Cap. Doxycyclin 100 mg, Tab. Diancerine + glucosamine , Tab. Fevuxostat, Tab. Fexofenadine 120 mg, Tab. Acebrophylin+ mantelukast, Tab. Calcium with Vit. D3 , Tab. Frusemide , Tab. Folic Acid-400mg., Tab. Iron Folic Acid, Tab. Levocetrizine 5 mg, Tab. Labetalol 100mg , Tab. Misoprostal, Tab. Multivitamin, Tab. Monteleukast + Levocetrizine , Tab. Nifedipine- 10 mg, Cap. Acebrophyllin 200 mg, Cap. Rabeprazole + Domperidone , Drop Vit-D 800 IU
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